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The Missing Link

Fachtag Missing Link

„Die fehlende Verbindung – Experten durch Erfahrung als Integrationsbegleiter“

Fachtag am 03.02.2010 im Lichthaus in Bremen



The Missing Link – Increasing social inclusion by engaging experts by experience

The concept of the methodology experts by experience (EE’s) in social exclusion originated as a response to the missing link between on the one hand the policy makers or the aid providers of all services with which the excluded persons are confronted, and the excluded persons themselves on the other hand. This missing link is partly responsible for the fact that exclusion persists.

People who are social excluded have experience in exclusion. But to have the capacity to apply their experiences they need training to acquire the necessary insights, attitudes and skills to be able to work as an expert by experience in the functions required.

Excluded people are a risk group which has no education, which is stigmatised and which is separated from the rest of society on all domains of life by a deep gap. All these things lead to unemployment and lack of employability. EE’s have undiscovered (informal learnt) experienced knowledge about exclusion and inclusion processes. EE’s can help to bridge the gap between aid providers and policy makers on the one side and excluded people on the other.

The main aims of this project ‘The Missing Link’ are: to develop tools to improve the personal development, training programs, the employability and the practise of the EE’s; to improve social services and increase social inclusion; to create opportunities for innovative practice of collaboration of professional trained staff and experts by experience; to make a contribution to a society with a general well being for everyone.

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